Don't Catch the Blue! - G+ ACKS Campaign

I’m now 7 sessions into my ACKS campaign, running over G+ every Wednesday night with friends.

The setting is on a once plague-ridden island that formed the heart of a large Empire whose scions seek to reclaim their lost glories. So far it’s very low key and see’s the PCs looking for some lost supplies…

I’ve been posting session writeups on my blog, here:

Mostly they consist of ‘what happened’, with a little bit of self-analysis by me, but I’m also posting anything the players write up there as well (They get bonus xp for each substantive write up they do).

It’s good fun so far, and it’s interesting to run the rules and then look at where I want to introduce house rules later. The players seem to be enjoying too, although I think last session was a harsh reminder in mortality and consequences.

The house rules I have adopted so far are summarised here: (some blatantly ripped off from some of the other ACKS judges here :))