Doppelganger Attacks

The doppelganger isn’t a monster I use very much, but I threw it into the “inhabited area” wandering monster chart I’m working on. Then, when I was writing up the stat block, I see “Attacks 1, Damage 1d12”. Now, I always thought of doppelgangers as weapon-using monsters, but there are no 1d12 weapons. So, I’m kind of stumped as to what kind of attack the creature is making: growing claws and fangs? Strangling with Plasticman arms? Supernaturally strong punch? I was wondering how the rest of you out there describe a doppelganger’s attacks.

Also, “HD 4, Save As F10”? What a weird monster.

The doppelganger is a magical monster, hwich usually have double HD for SaveAs, so this might be an error and the doppelganger should probably save as F8.

The attack is a bite at least according to RC/BECMI

I run Dopplegangers as crazy creepy things.

To understand the doppleganger's 1d12 bite attack, imagine a normal-looking human face. Then imagine theat face's jaw suddenly extending and the mouth widening to create a huge gaping maw filled with hideous sharp teeth with the clenching strength of a pit viper. Something like the Spiderman villain Venom.

To understand the saving throw, think of something like the liquid metal Terminator from T2. You try to burn it, it's skin sheds off and reforms. You try to cut it, and it bends under your blade. You try to choke it, and its trachea moves. You try to charm it, and its brain reconfigures to alien shapes. The saving throws are amazing because of the monster's incredible ability to alter its form.



A bite! That’s one I would never have guessed. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a copy of BECMI.

Thanks guys!