Downloads page not working?

None of the links on the download page seem to be working. Is it just me?

No. It’s not working for me either.

These issues should be wrapped up. Thanks for the notes everyone!


Looks like that mostly did it. Everything works EXCEPT:

  • Tokens for D@W mass combat
  • Auran Empire - Full Color

(Haven’t checked the Supplemental Rules yet.)

Thank you!

Looking into the download files issues. Hope to have it fixed shortly.

I know this thread is a bit old now, but I wanted to bump it to check on the tokens and the map.


And again.

Th treasure Generator is not working either. Also, I wanted to become a registered Judge, but that page does not work either.

You can still use this treasure generator, if you need one.

I will poke Greg L. about the site issues, and have made the counters available via Google Drive in the meantime.

What do you recommend for the printable tokens? Cardstock? Paper glued to cardboard?