Drow Racial Value

I have been trying to come up with the racial value for drow characters in preparation for a future campaign. Here is what I have so far. Comments?

Drow are very wary and are never surprised under normal conditions. They add +2 to their surprise rolls while underground.

Drow are very resistant to magic. The target value for their saving throw versus spells is reduced by 2.

Drow are very sensitive to bright light. In the area of a light or continual light spell they suffer a -2 to all attack and saving throws. This also applies if they are exposed to full daylight.

All dark elves can cast the following spells once per day; faerie fire, and darkness.

At 4th level, drow can also cast levitate and detect magic once per day.

Hi Tony - That looks good.

What you could do is apply that as the "Drow 0" racial value. Then for male Drow, additional points of Drow provide levels of mage, while for female Drow, additional points of Drow provide levels of cleric.


Which can have the side effect of making male drow advance slower than female drow due to the arcane vs. divine cost, which helps model the matriarchal society of the drow, if one does that in their campaign.

Bumping the thread…

Koewn’s observation is is true. I have been working the custom class construction side on the Drow keeping with the original Gygax model. Not only do the females advance faster, but they are able to reach higher levels than the males when you add up the custom values.

More to follow… later