Dungeon Level Layout

This is a thread to talk about the preliminary layout for Dwimmermount as seen in the Path of Mavors preview (found in the downloads area if that link doesn't work). What do you like about it, and what would you like to see changed in the final book?


For my part, I like the way that treasures are called out in the margin, but I'd find it even more useful if a summed GP total for the treasure was given (so that I could answer questions like "where is the biggest treasure on this level?") as well as the types of treasure (so that I can tell whether a locate object spell will detect gold, for example).

I found the huge margins rather distracting. Almost like a third column. I found the draft document(s) far more comprehensible/readable than the PDF.

I’d also like to see the monster stats at the bottom of the area key (along with the treasure), rather than how it sometimes is inline. It would be nice to always have a consistent place to look.

Indeed, most of the time you do have it like that, expect in area 8 and area 68