Dungeon Restocking Guidelines and Friendly Factions

I've been using the restocking table fairly regularly, as my players return for more Dwimmermount. But, am wondering about the intent of these rules/guidelines as they relate to friendly factions.

The PCs in my group are headed back to 6B, eager to liberate the Foundry. They tried previously but were overwhelmed in the process, and Erdak's 2nd in command was also slain in the resulting battle. 

After last session, I was doing my normal rolls for restocking on 6B and came up with 'Empty' for the dwarven populated rooms. On one hand, it would be cool for the party to come back and find that their allies against the Termaxians and the Dworgs were wiped out. But, at the same time, the intent for these restocking was that 'Empty' really means 'Remains Empty' or 'Remains Unchanged'. The restocking clearly was meant for rooms that the party had cleared of danger. 

I'm curious what the opinion here is on this. I'm leaning towards refining the restocking die rolls, so that friendly factions are either unchanged, missing, or their numbers are changed (+/- 1d6x10%).


I would say you have two choices. First, treat it as "Remains Unchanged". Second, treat it as "Empty", but relocate those dwarves elsewhere. They don't vanish into thin air, after all. Perhaps they have fallen back to a more defensible position, from which to counterattack. I think either one is fine. The Restocking tables are really intended to help rather than confine you, the GM.

They help a great deal, and are very useful in demonstrating that the setting is dynamic. I've added a couple of new players recently to our weekly game and they were very surprised to have encounters in areas already cleared out in a prior venture.


It simply looks like friendly factions were overlooked, so I was curoius what the original intent was for them. I'm adding a seperate table for them, just another d6 roll, so that they're either slightly increased, the same or reduced. And, it appears as though the friendly dwarves have suffered mightly since the party left them!