Dungeonista ! - the little red ACKs supplement of Dissidents and Revolutionaries

(inspired by reading: http://boggswood.blogspot.com/2011/08/random-humans-and-their-lairs.html)
In OD&D - why are the villagers angry ?
The answer lies in the Secret History of the Auran Empire and the legacy of a doomed Dwarven dissident.
What is Dungeonista!

  • you level collectively - not as individuals but as a cell, by 9th Level - you set up a Commune. Teamwork is the key.
  • XP is gained by spreading the word (a bit like Clerics congregations), storming strongholds, liberating the oppressed (Freedom for Constructs!), disrupting the trade in sentient monster parts, publically defying patriachy (Adventurer, Conqueror, Queen!) and redistributing wealth (carousing for communists) and the control of the means of production.
  • book includes seeds for Shadowrun style scenarios of intrusion, infiltration, extraction, assault.
  • artwork - Socialist Realist Poster-style parodies of fantasy art ?
    Viva the Dungeonistas ! The Commune must be built !
    Your thoughts, comrades ?

very fun :slight_smile:

Thanks Fabio!
Maybe the artwork needs to have some Ancient Roman-style graffiti ?
Random ideas for classes:
Elven Antagonist - ‘what do I oppose, why Everything! - pass the oil flask!’
Dwarven Disenchanter - a rebel skald inciting rebellion ‘Kick out the Djinns, peasant-farmers!’
Under the paving stones, the dungeon !

Classes? There is only one class - worker!
Looks like a dwarf to me.

I support any confluence of fantasy with modern political philosophy. Mix at your own risk ala Python’s peasants.
I always wanted to create a campaign with a kobold tribe functioning as a utopian collective, always beset by the horrors of murderous profiteer adventuring parties. The kobolds would be red of course and call each other comrade and repeat socialist slogans, but the slashing marauders would just continue to hack away and brook none of that kobold gibberish.

this would be fun

There could also be enclaves of tiny blue fae creatures; following the five year plans of their red capped chairman.

This thread made my day!
Viva La Revolucion!