Dwarf Weapons Restrictions

Can dwarves use great axes? That seems like a pretty “dwarven” weapon but the rules aren’t clear.

The deal with dwarves, if my memory serves, is that they can use two-handed weapons like great axes, but they can’t use two-handed weapons built for creatures of human stature, so they need special dwarf-axes or some-such.

Mmm. I thought the rules are pretty clear: under the dwarf’s description it says that they can’t use (human-sized) two-handed weapons and the great axe is designated as such (p. 42) especially is you look at the examples given under the great axe description. yiu can use the battle axe (two-handed damage 1d8) for your dwarf as a two-handed weapon.

I’d have to dig up the thread, as this has been specifically addressed, but Alex made it clear the wording was not intended to imply that vaultguards cannot use 2-handed weapons. Indeed, that question came up before the player’s companion. With the knowledge of the PC, we know dwarven vaultguards have a fighting value of 2 and have made no weapon style tradeoffs, therefore forbidding them from using 2-handed weapons would be making them weaker than their class should allow.

I generally figure the great axe is a Dane Axe; dwarven two-handed axes are just battle-axes used two-handed. It’s the same function: a two-handed axe. They just don’t get the jump from 1d8 to 1d10 damage (and the attendant -1 initiative penalty). Dwarves are too short (and possibly particularly have arms too short) to use 5-foot long axes, basically.

Ah, good catch. Following up, the Player’s Companion entry for Dwarven custom classes specifies clearly that “Due to their short statue, dwarves may never use two-handed swords or longbows.”

The core book also specifies pole arms.

So, it seems any two-handed weapon except 2H swords, longbows, and maybe pole arms is game.

Found it - http://www.autarch.co/comment/8392#comment-8392

“2. Dwarven Vaultguards are permitted to fight with dwarf-sized two-handed weapons such as dwarven great axes and morning stars. These would be weapons with a shorter haft but retaining a heavy striking head requiring two hands to use. The clumsy language “human sized two-handed weapons” was very awkward. The intent is to restrict dwarves from using ill-sized weapons, not to reduce their striking power per se. No Dwarven class is permitted to fight with human-sized two-handed weapons.”

I don’t really see height as a big a factor as some would think it is. Is a dwarf using a 5 foot long battle axe really much different than a human using a 7 foot long pole arm? If anything it would be easier since a dwarf is proportionally stronger than a human. The only two I can really see is two-handed swords and long bows. Even these are iffy restrictions. How long is a two-handed sword? If you say 4-6 feet well a dwarf could use a 4 foot one as easily (if not more easily) than a human uses a 6 foot one. I have seen wheel chair bound people use Longbows. I have actually seen (you tube) a wheel chair bound dwarf use a longbow. If dwarves did not take weapon restriction as part of class creation I just as soon drop the restriction. If there some document on how all the classes spent their creation points?

Sorry I meant is there so some document…

Arm length is the big issue; your typical fantasy dwarf has proportionally shorter arms than humans, which is going to make using two-handed weapons hard (holding a weapon in two hands already forces you to hold it closer).

Not in the art I have seen, dwarves are typically drawn with proportionally short legs and large upper bodies, almost as if all their lost height comes from the waist down.