Dwarven construct creation special ability

Looked around but couldn’t find it, and I couldn’t find it in the list of custom powers in the Player’s Companion.

Dwarven spellcasters have the innate ability to create constructs at level 9, whether or not their magic type qualifies for construct creation. How many custom powers is this ability worth? Would it be cheaper for a spellcaster whose magic type qualifies for constructs on their own, but the Judge just wants them to unlock it at 9th level instead of 11th?

(PS - I’m the hypothetical example Judge here, I have a class that qualifies for construct creation at 11 but I want to let them do it at 9 and am curious how many powers it would be worth. I also have the same question about crossbreeds and undead, though I don’t think any existing race has that power, I assume it’d be the same as constructs.)

I have somewhat answered my own question! Harvesting proficiencies for custom powers (a class that trades away Turn Undead as a full caster, and also has a point in Thievery, ends up with a lot of custom powers to fill in!) I noticed that Transmogrification/Black Lore of Zahar offer a +2 class level for creating crossbreeds/undead bonus as part of the proficiency.

So I can just give them that proficiency and it’ll change their minimum level from 11th to 9th, or my guess would be that on its own, it would be half a power.

(This doesn’t answer the curiosity-question of ‘how many powers is it worth for the ability even if your class type doesn’t actually qualify for it?’, but does work as an answer for my immediate question.)