Dwimmermount - any chance of it ever beuing finished?

Since you are now ignoring the KS maybe you could advise here - is there any chance of Dwimmermount ever being completed and released?

You have ahd our money for nearly two years and we still haven’t seen a finished product.

Crazy cat, I am personally finishing the product. I was not able to work on it before now due to Players Companion and Domains at War, but I will finish it.

Thats cool - and what I wanted to hear.

But - please keep us updated on the KS. We have stuck with this through thick and thin - but good communications are key to keeping good will and support, and unfortunately have been sadly lacking at times.

I apologize for the lack of communication on Kickstarter. Both Tavis and I have been “off our game” in that regard. We definitely appreciate the community’s patience. I do try to maintain a constant voice here on the Autarch forums but much of our audience doesn’t check in here.

Update the bloody Kickstarter pages or at least post on them then!

Latest post on the Dwimmermount page ‘just looking for an update on any of the Autarch KS’s that are outstanding at this time’

So you apologise for not updating the KS, which would address the issue you acknowledge that the updates here don’t reach the backers. And then simply carry on ignoring the KS. Fucking awesome customer service guys.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that the majority of people with a strong interest in the Kickstarter would have at least some familiarity with these forums. There are plenty of other Kickstarters I’ve backed that adopt a policy of communicating in ways that involve private websites after the conclusion of the campaign. Autarch isn’t unusual in this respect, even if the delay of completion for this troubled project is more unusual.

Also, there’s no need to switch from a polite tone to a more abusive one. That’s not likely to induce anyone to comply with a particular demand, in my experience.