Dwimmermount Kickstarter bonus goals and backer rewards

I am proud to be helping design the backer rewards and bonus goals for the Dwimmermount Kickstarter announced today at the Autarch blog.
The bonus goal I’m most excited about is the donation of the original Dwimmermount materials to the public via PlaGMaDA (which is running an interesting Kickstarter of its own) and to scholars through the special collection at Texas A&M. I’m hoping that James’ example will help inspire the donation of other original gaming play-notes, some dating back to the earliest roots of the hobby, to be preserved digitally and as research artifacts. If you or someone you know has awesome stuff for the PlaGMaDA archive, why not contribute it now? And to encourage the Science Fiction Research Collection to continue its acquisition and curation of gaming items, positive mentions of the importance of their work go a long way.
One of the backer rewards I think is going to be coolest, but also most conceptually challenging, is a play aid to teach the GM the situation of the factions of the dungeon - by showing how to draw them into a vinyl battlemat-like infographic of the dozen-level dungeon with wipe-erase marker - and then track how the players’ exploration change the situation dynamically. What should that look like? What would you find most useful for running a megadungeon as the tentpole for a long-term campaign? Are there insights from play mats, boardgames, etc. that could make the design tight and elegant?
Also in general, extrapolating from the rapid progress of our current Kickstarter (thanks y’all, you rock!) and the fact that Grognardia is an order of magnitude bigger than anything else in the OSR, the Dwimmermount crowdfunding is going to be able to make all kinds of cool rewards possible. What would you like them to be?

for Dwimmermount maybe some large scale maps, poster sized, either of the dungeon or area. im reading all about it now. at the gamestore i used to run, we would take all the old dungeon maps as we went through them and place them on the wall in the fashion of trophies.