Dwimmermount Minecraft

Is there any progress on setting up a minecraft server for the Dwimmermount build?

Yes, my son and I will be working on it this afternoon! If you want to help get it ready for wider release, send me an email at tavis@autarch.co and I'll get you the details ahead of time.

We had some kind of corruption of the world we're setting up, will reboot tomorrow.

I was on there last night. Minecraft has changed a LOT since I was playing it (around the time that Penny Arcade turned it into a big deal.) Is there any kind of guidance as to what we should be doing in the world? Or should we all just log in and hang around?

I tried logging in today (new to Minecraft), but the server appeared down :slight_smile:

Orangefruitbat, we accidentally unplugged the server computer while vacuuming! It should be up again now.

The Wyzard, right now my own efforts are focused on building the dungeon, which anyone can do by downloading the map and constructing at a scale of 10' = 3 blocks. I'm working on establishing shared procedures for survival play - building houses, mining resources, etc. - and will be posting more about those as conversations proceed.

Tavis is the server hosted on a home PC then? It would explain why it’s offline a fair bit when I’m online, given the timezone difference between us :slight_smile:

Yes, although I try to keep it running, it is susceptible to household accidents and also Windows updates restarts. I will look into ways to reduce the latter, and down the road to have a offsite hosting set up.

I recently reloaded Minecraft and the Dwimermount server has been down each time I’ve looked. Is it down for the count? Or did it just move?

Our service provider changed the IP for some reason - it's now


What became of the minecraft map?  Was much of the dungeon ever reproduced?  Is the server still up at all?