Dynamic character sheet for Ascendant

So, I’ve made a simple, so-called dynamic character sheet for the game, and as it’s literally my very first try in something like that (JavaScript and HTML), I thought I’d tell you about it.

Disclaimer: I’m not a web designer, nor a developer - although I am an IT engineer, this is not my specialty, but I was curious if I could do it and did, so please don’t bash me about how it looks. :slight_smile:

How it works, though, is solid - there are a few fields that are completely automatic, and a few where I felt those function calls were better elsewhere, so I’ve implemented some buttons in the end, as well.

What it doesn’t do:

  • the power level checks
  • the AV numbers calculation for the CHART
  • any kind of saving/loading and importing/exporting
  • the income field is not automatically populated :slight_smile:

What it does:

  • essentially, everything else :slight_smile: :
  • after entering the primary attributes, it automatically fills the secondary ones, the Health and Determination fields and the Primary Attributes CPs field, as well
  • after entering the Power Level, it automatically calculates the Hero Points
  • after entering every relevant value, it automatically calculates the Total Cost and Total SPs fields, and this is also true for the skills, as well
  • the Perks and Drawbacks just have to be filled
  • when done, it’s enough to press some buttons on the top to calculate all the CPs spent on Primary Abilities (though it was calculated automatically earlier, you can go for sure) Powers, Skill, Perks, and the Drawback CPs are a plus to the available CPs, naturally

A few screenshots, if someone’s interested:

I’ve recreated Airborne, based on how he was created in the book as an example - and the result was surprising for me as it was correct so even the first test proved successful. I know it could look prettier (and the code does have one quirk at the moment but I found I could live with that, though probably will figure it out at some point later in time) but at the end of the day I am a bit proud I could pull this off. :slight_smile:

That’s great to see! Is it available online anywhere?!

Thank you!

Not at the moment, but I could do something about it on one of my servers if someone was interested in it in spite of anything.

Edit (2022.05.13):
Or, if you wish, I can send you the files via email so you could test it/take a look (or, if you use a Mac, I’ve made a binary of it for MacOS). I’ve “played” with the code today, and a version “1.1” was created with a heavier refactoring on the code base. I really can’t make a better GUI, my web design capabilities are really that low but the code is solid.

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Gotta say, this looks promising.

The 2 hurdles that the system can control and I think the dev team should make it a point to focus down are that 1: the system’s character gen is a bit of a hurdle to clear. It seems to get loads simpler once you get into play for the player, but it’s super labor intensive up front. 2: That it remains rather labor and knowledge intensive for the Game Master to run.

I think a good focus point is projects and tools to help alleviate these pain points.

While I can’t make it any more pretty (I’m sorry about it, but I have to accept my coding skills are much better than my non existent web design skills) the code itself does everything flawlessly what I’ve written and makes character generation really quick (essentially, one just has to type in the values and it gives you valid results). So if someones interested, I may share (with Alexander, for sure, if he asks me). :slight_smile: Yesterday’s refactoring made me really proud about this, it was my first project but even that couldn’t stop me to create something that works. :slight_smile:

So, since your a code guy. Let me ask. Is there a way to set it up to be browser based and play nice with some more privacy respecting browsers like Librewolf, Brave, Ungoogled Chromium, as well as the normie browsers like Edge, Firefox and Chrome? I think that doing that would make sure anyone could get into it regardless of how there accessing it (So, operating system would not matter for example.)

My code works with basically any browser as it’s using only an HTML file, a plain javascript file and one very-very simple css file, so hosting it would be just copying them to the webserver’s relevant directory (e.g. /var/www/html/ on Linux), or one could just open it with any browsers.

ibenny, a friend of mine named Nick has been working internally on a browser-based character creation tool. would you be open to chatting with him, it seems like there might be fruitful collaboration. Let me know how I can contact you (hit me on Discord or PM)

Wait, there’s an Ascendant Discord?

Yes! Autarch

Cool! I’m going to have to send a link too that to my GM. I bet he’d appreciate being able to pick peoples brains about how to run the system since everyone in the group is new too it! :slight_smile:

Of course I would, just sent you a private message here, thank you.

I had a little time on my hands and noticed a calculation error in my code, so I fixed that and also done another larger code refactoring - hence, version 1.2 was created. The page doesn’t look any better but the code is still solid. :slight_smile: If anyone thinks it would help to use it, let me know and I’ll gladly send it.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve uploaded the current latest version of the character sheet to GitHub: GitHub - super-ben/ascendant-dynamic-sheet

Now anyone interested can simply clone and use it, or even make modifications to it if it comes to that. If it’s something I could use myself, please create a Pull Request. :slight_smile:

Splendid. Just to confirm I’ve not got my wires crossed, it’s the version that’s on Ascendant Multiverse, right?