Dynamic Lairs supplement...

I read somewhere that you lot were planning on doing a supplement of dynamic lairs for every monster on the random monster tables, mini-dungeons that can be inserted whenever the PCs encounter a creature in its lair. Is that still a go and, if it is, when could we expect to see it?

It is absolutely still a “go”. The writing is already under way. We expect to release it by late summer or early fall.

Cool! How detailed, on average, are these encounters supposed to be? Enough to be a session in their own right or just enough to sidetrack the characters for an hour or so?

Maxwell, they are meant to serve as sidetracks and points of interest during sandbox exploration. Here is a sample lair:

Bat, Giant (Vampire)
Map Location: _______
Ancient stone steps lead downward, where a granite stone slab has been pushed partly open. The stone is heavily weathered and very old. Beyond the stone slab door is a catacomb gallery, 7’ high, 8’ wide, 30’ long, with thirty wall graves piercing the walls. The graves were long ago robbed and hold only worthless trinkets and the skeletons crumble to dust if touched. By day, however, the catacomb is the lair of 8 Giant Vampire Bats (AC4, HD2, hp10 each, Move 30’/180’, #AT 1 bite, Dmg 1-4 + save v. Paralysis or unconscious 1-10 rounds, Save F1, ML 0), which leave at dusk each night to hunt. There is no treasure, but the venom and parts of the giant bats can be harvested and sold.

Ideally, the dynamic lairs are also useful as starting points for the Judge to begin or close “setting hooks” that are floating in his campaign. For example, perhaps in one dynamic lair, the GM puts 1/2 of a strange bronze amulet, and in another, he puts the other 1/2, and when put together they link to a third dynamic lair.

Sounds good. Is there any way for a newbie to send submissions in? Just curious.

I hadn’t thought of it. Most of the lairs are based on lairs I made for my Auran Empire campaign.

I’d have to go see which lairs I haven’t written yet.

Let me know if you need some. I might like turning my hand towards a lair or three.

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