Effects of cold weather

Has anyone come up with any guidelines for the effects of cold weather on PCs?  

I usually just use whatever combination of the 1E Wilderness Survival Guide and the 3.X exposure rules feels natural to me at the time.

Though I totally understand where this is coming from, because if I were running a real sandbox ACKS game I’d want to have random weather, and that would require me to know the effects of whatever kind of weather I rolled. (Of course, if I were building the table in advance, I’d also be able to just work out the effects in advance >.> Since a ‘winter storm’ may be a very different thing in different areas.)

There are some weather effects listed in the Control Weather spell (page 74):

Cold - Water and mud freezes, all movement divided by 2
Snowy - Visibility drops to 20’, and all movement is divided by 2

and several others types.

I generally use the Dodeca Weather Generator for my sandbox games, as well as a modified version of the 3.5 environment rules. I extended the range of temperature and also allowed for acclimation.

I made up a table for determining weather a bit ago, found here; it has some basic guidelines. Basically, "Cold" is near freezing, and "Frigid" is well below freezing. For "Cold" and colder, movement is halved (as per Control Weather, page 74 of the ACKS Core). I house-rule that wearing inappropriate clothing in "Cold" weather prompts an hourly save vs. Blast, or take 1d8 damage (based on the frost salamander's cold aura). For "Frigid", it's the same, only per turn, and the save only prevents half the damage. Incredible cold may ignore saves all together, or even happen once per round. Obviously, Resist Cold allows the recipient to ignore cold weather entirely.