Eldritch spell availability by market

Hello all!

I really like ACKS Core’s Spell Availability by Market table. It provides a simple and legible way to decide if it’s possible to hire someone to cast a spell in a given town. Unless I’ve missed it (very possible!), the Heroic Fantasy Handbook lacks such a table.

Has anyone worked out a similar table for it? There are some complexities I see with it – these could be explicitly modeled or just abstracted away.


  • A given market might have mix of normal eldritch casters, spellsingers, and ceremonialists
  • Ceremonialists aren’t limited by a spells per day system
  • A ceremonialist might fail to perform a ceremony


Hi Yukiomo! I haven’t modeled that, no. My sense was that in HFH worlds, magic probably wasn’t as readily for sale. You never see spells-for-hire in either LOTR or Conan, for instance.

If your campaign has eldeitch spells-as-service, I think you’ve correctly identified the complexities and could build from there and be on the right track.