Elf Ages

After reading pages 248 and 249 (Aging and Death) I am a little confused. What happens after an Elf lives over 200 years? Death, disappearance (“diminish, and go into the West”) or nothing at all? I presume 200 is the “Racial maximum listed age” and they simply need to save each year after 200 or die? (Although this would mean that, at least theoretically, a human with an “Elven Bloodline” would live longer than an Elf.)

When they reach age 200, and each year thereafter, elves must make a saving throw versus Death to avoid dying.
I can understand your confusion because in Elven Bloodline I wrote “lifespan is three times longer than normal for his race.”
To be clear, characters with Elven Bloodline simply use the character aging tables for elves.
I wrote the proficiency before I wrote the tables. To understand the “three times longer than normal,” remember that most humans will die at around age 65-67 years old (average CON is 9-11; Old threshold is 56; most 0th levels will fail their save v. death). So knowing that elves lived around 200 years and humans around 66, I wrote “three times longer than normal”.
I’ll make an errata update to make this explicit.