Elves and making constructs

According to the Player’s Companion, Dwarves and Gnomes that reach 9th level in a Divine class may build constructs at 9th level, even though a Human Cleric has to wait to 11th level. I’m making a house rule that Elves reaching 9th level in an Arcane class can make constructs and cross-breeds at 9th level instead of 11th level like a Human Mage.

Additionally, I’m going to allow demi-himans in spellcasting classes with a level cap of less than 11 to continue to accrue XP after reaching maximum level. When they accrue enough XP to reach “11th level,” they don’t gain any benefits of leveling up (like hp or better attack throws) but they gain the 11th level Cleric or Mage ability to cast ritual spells. I determine XP needed by seeing how much the class needs for each level beyond 8th.

I think that sounds really cool!


As an addendum, if the Elven Spellsword accrues the 170,000, I will let him cast one 6th level spell per day, in addition to casting ritual spells.

I had another thought. I could make a class proficiency that allows the Elven Spellsword to cast spells as if one level higher. This would give them an extra 1st level spell and one 6th level spell when they are level 10. It would also let them cast rituals. The player would just have to eliminate one class proficiency from their list; probably Swashbuckling.