Encumbrance Thresholds

I couldn’t find this anywhere else, so I’ll ask:

Are 7 daggers 1 stone or two?

Are 1,001 gold coins 1 stone, or two?

Even weirder, are 999 gold coins 1 stone, or weightless?

(And to keep things consistent: 5 daggers, 1 stone or nada?)


I’m not an Autarch, but I went with a 3rd choice: 6 and 1/6 stone. Similarly, 5 daggers would be 5/6 stone.

999 gp would be .999 stone which I would round up to 1 because it’s more than 11/12 stone, and 1001 would be 1.001 stone which I would round down to 1 because it’s less than 1 1/12 stone.

7 daggers would be 1 1/6 stone because it's 6 items to a stone.

1,001 gold coins would be 1 stone.

In general, treat 150 coins as 1/6 stone or 1 small item.




Hey, thanks for the replies!

I guess it seems sort of weird to think that 5/6 of a stone doesn’t matter but 6/6 does, but then again, 5 stone doesn’t really matter until it turns into 6 stone, either.

I think the main disconnect came from the coins, since a 10’ per round difference in combat movement could theoretically hinge on the weight of a single coin (Lamellar Armor and 999 GP!). But, hey, it’s a game. If it makes me feel better, I can use the 150 coins to a 1/6 stone guide.

Ludanto, if you want a more detailed encumbrance system, you could easily whip up some intermediate movement rates between 120' and 90', 90' and 60', and so on. 

Most gamers tend to ignore encumbrance, it seems, so we wanted to offer a system that was simple enough that it wouldn't be ignored, while still slowing down heavily-laden characters.


The system totally works as is. Sometimes I just over/under -think things. :slight_smile: