Errata changelog

I have just downloaded the latest update of ACKS Core, and I wonder if there is a changelog where I can see a list of the errata that have been fixed.

Download this file:

did anyone else get “Access Denied” ?

Try again, I just set it to general-access permission.

Confirmed that download now works. Good errata, though I’m not sure exactly what changed with the merc availability chart yet.

I spotted a fix to my favorite error: The 2’ diameter staves. The thought of a wizard hauling around a 6-foot-long, 2-foot-wide, intricately-carved LOG and shooting it like a magical, wooden bazooka is hilarious, especially if the error was due to a typo on a magical formula (inconvenient, but if you paid a 100,000+ gp to make it you might just make do). Unfortunately, the magic item creation guidelines do not increase power-to-cost efficiency for bulky construction (fire-ball-shooting magical siege engines pointless since you can make fireball-shooting magical rings for the same cost with the same power).