Example Fort, Keep, and Castle

I asked Chris, Archon’s intern & player of Chrystos Salamander-Slayer, to work up some examples of structures of different sizes. I remember that this is something that had been requested here, but can’t find the thread. Here is what he came up with - note that these were probably done in v.17 if there have been relevant changes. I think having something like this in the text would be useful, and it could be much briefer if we didn’t show the work the way Chris had (an illustration and floor plan could serve the same function much more awesomely).
Borderland Fortress
x3 Battlements (100’ long, crenellated parapets) 1500gp
x1 Battlement ( 50’ long crenellated parapets) 250gp
x1 Building, wood (20’ high, 30 square, wood doors, roof, floor and stairs) 1500gp
x2 Corridor Dungeon (10’x10’x10’ hewn stone walls flagstone floor) 1000gp
x1 Gatehouse 6,500gp
x3 Longhouse, wood 900gp
x1 Tower, Small
x75 Hut Mud and Brick
Total Cost: 30,400 Base cost without accessories
300 people +15% pop. Growth per month
Taxes: 16gp per family per month
102 monthly upkeep
Wilderness Keep
Keep, Square 75,000 gp
x10 Battlement 5000gp
x5 Corridor Dungeon
Barbican 38,000
x5 Rampart 12,500
x2 Small Tower 30,000
Total Cost: 161,000 Base cost without accessories
+1500 for housing
70 people +25% monthly growth
Taxes: 15gp per month per family
805gp monthly upkeep
Wilderness Castle
Barbican 38,000gp
x20 Battlement 10,000gp
x40 Corridor Dungeon 20,000gp
x20 Moat filled 16,000gp
x10 Rampart Earthen 25,000
Tower Huge 54,000gp
Tower Large 30,000gp
x10 Wall, Stone Castle (40’ high, 100’ long, 10’ thick) 125,000
Total Base Cost 318,000
Taxes 15gp per month per family
20 people +25% monthly pop. Increase
1590 monthly upkeep

Very cool. What is also important for me is a drawing associated with them like arneson has in the FFC. So, I hope you guys budgeted for that in the ACKs book or in DoW.

I am pursuing a lead on some really nice schematics of fantasy buildings that I think would be great for this…

Something pinged my neurons here, and I’d just like to check my thinking. You talk about % population growth per month for each sample site. How long would that be sustained (or even sustainable) for?
Is the answer ‘as long as the total population does not exceed:
a) The maximum allowed by the value of the fortification/stronghold
b) The maximum allowed by the thresholds in ‘Limits of Growth’ (per hex)
c) The value on the growth table on page 123, at which point the % growth shifts to the appropriate level and (a), (b) and (c) continue to apply.’
If so, an underlying message is, in order to keep growing your domain, you need to make your stronghold bigger and better. Correct?

How much is this doggy in the window?
This is an iconic Motte shell keep. I will leave it up to you to decide if this is a small shell keep (small castle) or a large shell keep (medium castle).