Explorers vs. Rogues

Can anyone elaborate how the explorer’s ability to disappear in wilderness and dungeons differs from the Rogue’s hide in shadows and move silent? For instance, is there an effect on movement? Can it be used offensively to sneak attack or ambush people? What are the differences or limitations of using one vs the other? This is besides the obvious has to be in wilderness vs. has to be dark.

I believe the Explorer ability is of a more defensive nature (like the the unmentionable halfling class of B/X) and cannot be used to sneak up on somebody. Just avoid notice in the dungeon and get away in the wilderness.

Motionless, quiet, and in cover in dungeons is what it specifically says in the 2nd print core book.

I would say that the only offensive use it would have would be to missile attack from a hidden position. No backstabe like the thief, just surprise conditions (+2 to hit, no shield AC bonus).

My interpretation was “invisible as long as remains motionless”… so I’ve had explorers in my games use it in ambush (via Ambushing proficiency), by hiding (armed with soot-blackened blades) somewhere that the enemy then came within arm’s reach of.

Do you also take that approach in wooded cover?

More or less; I have had explorers shoot, scoot, and then hide in fresh cover in the wilderness, but the general principle has held.