Fellowship Spell Divine 1st Level

It appears that the spell description is missing for the spell list. Anyone seen it?

Fellowship is in the Core Rules:
Fellowship Range: self
Divine 1 Duration: 1 turn per level
This spell causes the divine spellcaster to increase the feelings of camaraderie in those he interacts with. All creatures that socially interact with the spellcaster must make a saving throw versus Spells. All those failing the saving throw are very impressed by the caster and greatly desire to be his friend and assist him in any way they can, treating him as if his Charisma was 2d4 points higher than actual. Those who do not fail the saving throw are uneasy in the caster’s presence and tend to find him irritating; they treat him as if his Charisma was 1d4 points lower. This spell has no effect on creatures of animal intelligence or lower.