Festival encounters?

its commen knowlege that festivals are expensive.. and as much as some of us like to trash em' and buy more garrison.... it just dont feel right?
so what can one do to make them more atractive? its a festival afther all, players whould be looking forward to them rather then crying at their purses empty.

So what i was looking around for and unable to find is, What happen doing a festiva??
i could not find anything intresting happening other then we trow gold at pessent and villagers?

Looking a little around i found the "Drunken Debauchery Optional Rule" and we hve had great fun in our drunken incounters?
but when you a lord or king? trowing a little gold at a inn and waiking up naked beside a goat?
we can do better! its a festival Afther all !! much more had to happen then just that !

so i like to see if anybody have a table or like to trow some ideas into what a Festival Encounter table should look like.

things like:
Village Festivals
Domain Festivals
How much Gold was spend on the festival

Like saying you find a potential Henchmen (level depents on value of festivla)
an importent NPC have shown up at the festival
A circus is selling some of thier exotic animals.
an adtional 1d10 famillies (posibly more depending on festivals value)
Raiders: a warband(s) have chosen to raid the festival depending on its value
Impressice Festival: Followers and Henchmen's moral increased by 1 for a month.
a Drunk group of mages have moved your castle to a random Hex in your Domain.

something Intreging something nice or bad and some wakky would be great.

Well, I didn't before now, but let's do this.

  1. Market Festival.  Traders arrive in time for the festival, improving market class at the largest settlement by 1 while it continues.  Recoup one quarter of the festival's costs in market fees.
  2. Magic Item for Sale.  An adventurer present for the festival offers a random, permanent magic item for sale at it's base cost.
  3. Baby Boom.  Make a note to increase domain population by 10% of current population in 14 years and 9 months.
  4. Assassin for Hire.  Word is there's a name level assassin in town looking for one well paying job; a bidding war is about to start.
  5. The Day it Rained Ninja.  3d6 1st level assassins make an attempt on an important leveled NPC, player's henchman, or PC.
  6. Circle of Life.  A random assortment of 1st level characters is in town, asking about treasure maps or quests.
  7. Fortune Teller.  Common at festivals, this time one of them is the real deal, and the fortunes aren't all positive.
  8. Astrologer.  As fortune teller, but prophecies concerning the domain and it's ruler.  As above, all true, not all positive.
  9. Arrival of a Master.  A skilled healer or sage arrives, and will settle in the domain if encouraged.
  10. Veiled Master.  As above, but secretly a necromancer, heretic, or poisoner.
  11. Divine Manifestation.  A servitor of the dominant religion makes a brief appearance.  Actual behavior is cryptic at best, but somehow symbolizes the tenets of the religion.  Triggers conversions and tithes.
  12. Absolute Disaster.  Weather, fire, or unlikely events ruin the whole festival; the cost is still incurred, but to no benefit.
  13. Everything Went Better than Expected.  Increase domain morale a further +1.
  14. Fair Maiden.  A maiden of unparalled beauty makes her debut at the festival; she will marry the most suitable man she can in the following year.
  15. Rain of Fish.  Coming at the peak of the festival, that can't be a good omen:  -1 to domain morale.  But at least they have something to eat.
  16. Gifts and Tribute.  Merchants, leading citizens or minor visiting nobles gift half the festival's cost back to the domain ruler.  (But full cost must be covered up front.

Ooh, why not give players the option to put on specific kinds of festivals - or tie the benefits of festivals to the gods in whose honour they are held? Dave already suggested a market festival that encourages commerce. What other specialised kinds of festival could we have?

Feast day: Reduced population loss.
Vigil: Applies a penalty to hijinks in the domain.
Fast day: Provides the morale benefits of a standard festival, but at a reduced cost.
Circus: Provides even more of a morale benefit than a normal festival.
Tournament: Provides an opportunity to recruit martial henchmen.
Plays: Improves domain faith.
Harvest festival: Extra land revenue.
Booze-up: Reduces tax income/land revenue and provides bonuses to hijinks that month, but greatly improves domain morale.

17. Lost sons return. 10% of the domains lost conscripts return. their survival gives +1 to this month moral roll
18. Songs of Prais. A Bard have made a song about the heros deads, all social rolls to recrout henchmen this month are at a +1
19. Songs of Mocery. A Bard have made a mocking song about the heros deads, all social roll to  recrout henchmen this month are at a -1
20. Lost purse. you find a lost purse. it contains 5d12 gold pices
21. The Great Artisan. A known and famous artisan is in town, and will settle in the domain if encouraged.
22. Hige Roller. A rich noble have shown up, and looking for somewhere to gamble whit hige stakes.
23. Knight Honor. An unknown Knight have shown up challangeing the player to a duel, claiming he have dishonored his wife.