Few Domians at War Questions

So I was reading the Heroes section of Domains at War and was wondering how Backstab and A Thief/Assassins unit characteristic work. I know its mentioned sneaking can work so is it possible to sneak up on a unit and attack them? If so does that increase the amount of attacks the Hero gets?

For example a level 7 Assassin using a Composite Bow will on average deal 6 (1d6+3) damage. Only 1 attack so, 1+4(limited amount of cleaving with bows)=5 times 6 average damage equals 30. 30/45=.66 repeating meaning 1.

But if he manages to sneak up on a unit backstab makes his average damage go up. 5*18=90. 90/45 equals 2 attacks.

If you can’t sneak up on a unit how do you attack a general, commander, lieutenant, or hero that’s attached to a unit?

I am not an Autarch, but I believe that backstabbing units is not part of the rules because each unit attack throw (even ones made by heroes) actually represent multiple attacks, and only the first one would be a backstab. Thus, no real benefit when attacking a unit; you may super-kill the first one you shoot, but the other 20 guys you need to take out to meaningfully affect the unit know you’re there.

When attacking heroes, on the other hand, super-killing the first target is pretty much the whole point. And it is entirely possible to move around and get near a unit without them knowing you’re there.

That said, if you had an entire unit of thieves, assassins, or characters with the Ambushing proficiency, it might make sense to allow them a +4 bonus on attack throws when attacking units from the rear (instead of the standard +2), or extend to all cases of flanking (which would include attacking from the flank hexes as well as the rear hexes).

I’m pretty sure Aryxymaraki is correct on the “why” of backstab not being a unit-level thing.

As far as how to sneak up on a general/etc.; heroes attack other heroes using their own characteristics, so it’s a matter of the player being able to set himself up in such a way the Judge rules he can get surprise against that individual, either during a Heroic Foray from D@W:C or a D@W:B battle - pretty much exactly how you’d do it at the man-to-man regular ACKS scale.

If the thief was in a forest hex, or a hex containing a fortification that’s just been breached, something where cover is available, a successful Hide/Move Silently may allow him to ambush/backstab a general if the Judge rules it possible during the heat of the battle, perhaps best done while the general’s unit is attacking a different unit, so the lines are all mixed up and everyone’s not looking for a guy sniping the officer. Perhaps so much the better if the thief was able to lift a matching uniform from someone who doesn’t need it anymore.

Why does backstab only work on 1 person in a large scale but Sleep can effect an entire unit? Seems unfair to me.

I mean its just as likely to say someone got the drop on an unaware unit and took down a good 12 men before they knew what was happening. As much likely as a wizard pushing more power into their spells an effecting an entire unit.

So you can just attack Heroes attached to units? No need to wait for them to become unattached?

Sorry for double posting but Heroes with ranged attacks and the Precise Shooting proficiency attack units that are engaged with other units?

@Sleep: Sleep does not effect an entire unit. It hits handful of guys, which is why it only does 1 UHP damage that goes away unless the unit goes into melee; it represents a sixth of the unit or so falling asleep and then either waking back up or getting trampled.

@Heroes: Correct: Heroes can attack heroes, even if they’re in units. In fact, if two units containing heroes engaged, it’s resolved as the heroes attacking each other and the units attacking each other, as the crowd parts to make way for the “honor duel”

Sleep cannot affect an entire unit; it deals 1 UHP of damage to the targeted unit. The reason for this is because a single casting of sleep can affect enough targets to cause meaningful damage to the unit, whereas a single backstab affects only a single creature.

As to getting the drop on them and taking down multiple targets before they can respond, that’s what a successful attack throw indicates. If you’re in position for a backstab, you’re getting a minimum bonus of +2 to your attack throw, making you more likely to take down enough enemies to deal damage (that is, more likely to make a successful attack throw).

Attacking heroes: The rules for this can be found in Chapter 4 of D@W: Battles, page 41-42. To summarize, heroes are either leading from the front or from behind; a hero who is leading from the front may be attacked or targeted by any enemy hero who can see them. Units do not have the same luxury.

Sorry I guess I just took what was written as literal. Taken from page 46 of Domains at war. “Sleep: This spell affects one unit of 4 Hit Dice or less within 12 hexes. The affected unit takes 1 hit point of damage, representing its troops being put to sleep.”