First Impressions

-C from Hack & Slash here.
Some comments from reading the rulebook.
My interest in this game comes from wanting to use the domain rules in ‘my current campaign’ whatever that happens to be. I think that will be a lot of the attraction from ACKS. It was for me. Not that what you’re doing isn’t awesome, but I read it somewhere yourself - we’re all going to be playing whatever game or system we’re most comfortable with. I’m not looking for another iteration of a fighting man (or another version of fireball - I know what the spell does.) class, I’m looking for domain rules. I am looking for how a fighting man and a fireball work on a battlefield.
A) The domain rules are not complicated, but they are not clear. I’m sure this has to do with the rule-set being an early beta, but I felt it necessary to comment that there should be charts, graphs, examples, and pictorial representations as well as forms and sheets to simplify the process (such as a list of natural resources).
B) In every domain level game, we’ve used the castle guide, or the hackmaster fortification book (there’s a 3e version somewhere also) to construct the castle. Those factors used in castle construction should also be tied into the hex resource factors, etc.
C) I was extremely perturbed when I reached the character section and found “class creation rules in new supplement”. I understand, but irked.
D) First read through, off the top of my head. New proficiencies. Potion aptitude, magic item aptitude, construction aptitude - get access to creating those items 2 levels earlier then normal (potions at third level, etc.)
D) First read through, off the top of my head. Clerics get Miracles allowing them to do things like affect population growth of areas (+ and -), change natural resources and terrain, etc. Like the world map spells from master of magic.
E) There must be equal and equivalent resources for chaotic domains, because in my campaigns, late level play has always been between the player and evil rulers, sometimes other members of the party. We will need rules for beastmen, wizard domains, undead armies, demonic breaches, etc.
More once I really dig into the ruleset

Thanks for your feedback. I’m not familiar with Masters of Magic or the Hackmaster Fortification book.
I think Cleric Miracles already covered - they are ritual spells powered by divine faith. Resurrection, Earthquakes, etc. There’s no provision that demands that Ritual Spells be limited to any particular level other than the GM’s preference.

Ritual magic for fertility and bringing in a good harvest has a long (fascinating, bloody) history. Something like that might make for a good example spell to go along with Heal - it would make sense for clerics at the King level to be more worried about population growth than replacing someone’s spleen.

Great point – I’ll draft something up.

The hackmaster fortification book is the 2nd edition castle book. Certain factors make castles easier or more difficult to construct, terrain, worker morale, resources etc. I’m in the middle of a move, so can’t be more definitive.