Fitting modules and adventures into the Borderlands

I’m preparing for my first ACKS campaign, and I’m starting with Sinister Stone and then hoping to play some Nethercity. But I wanting to seed a few more classic module or other adventures around the borderlands sandbox.

I know there’s the other ACKS modules, and the guide to the borderlands lists a few one page dungeons from the Auran empire campaign. But if anyone else has some ideas or stories from their campaign I’d love to hear them!

I was thinking of putting N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God somewhere, as I think it would make sense as a cthonic horror / servant of Nasga that crept out the wastes. But I’d like more that fit with the ACKS / Auran vibe.


Hi Acamon, in my own campaigns I used:

In Search of the Uknown (B1)
Keep on the Borderlands (B2)
Against the Giants (G1 and G3 but not G2 because of the climate)
Isle of Dread (X1) off to the southeast
Caverns of Thracia

N1 is a great choice and well in theme.

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