I'm not knowlegable enough about fonts to the point where I can regonize them, save for a few, only the names and how to download them. I was curious what fonts ACKS uses, if anyone knows? Especially, for the charts. It's just that I'm homebrewing and such and I like things looking official (or I get cognitive disonance). Thanks. (I'm currently trying to get an on-line font recognizer to work, but no luck so far)

I'm relatively confident the table text is something like "Myriad Pro". The body text is Minion Pro I think. Section headers, I believe, are FoundryJournal Book. Grendel is a decent approximation of the title font.

Most of those are pay-for, but there's free versions available under the same or similar names.

The font usage and layout is one of the things that originally sold me on the game. The second was the craft/etc. skills being "produce X per month" and not a roll. Then the rest.


Cool deal. Thanks! Yes, I too dig the aesthetic of ACKS. And I find it solid, as written, in general. I've spent a good 3 years (with analysis paralysis) researching what would be the main frpg that I run, and ACKS won.  And I find the ACKS community sharp and creative.

What I'm mostly doing with the fonts is creating random charts for my sandbox (and as you go, random dungeons generation charts like that in 1ed, my players love that, as well as for nostalgia).

Thanks again. Your info will be a great help.

I hope you'll share the random charts with the community!