Form Fillable Character Sheet

I had a couple of comments about the character sheet. First, let me say that it looks awesome. I always appreciate character sheets that add a little flair to the necessary statistics keeping in any tabletop game.
I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the form fillable features on the character sheet are in some places incomplete, and in others done incorrectly. For example, in the fields base movement, loot, other, and in a few other places, there are no form fill features. Also, in Equipment on the second page, it appears as if the form for each of the lines was copied from the first cell field, because anything typed in that field appears in the entire section “equipment.”
If someone has the PDF of the character sheet without the form fills and wants to email it to me I can quickly turn it around with these fields addressed. I have a great Bladedancer character that I want to submit on the form but it needs to be fixed first!

Yeah, I put in the fields that I figured would be needed ahead of GenCon. I think I have fixed the repeating fields issue with this version:
…but here are the non-form versions of the PDF:
Full character sheet
Just pages 1&2