Forum wackiness?

A post I made (and bobloblah replied to) has disappeared. I think I made the post the afternoon of 9/29 Eastern, and noticed it and some other posts were gone 9/30.

This has happened before, but the posts seem to come back – I’ve assumed some maintenance was occurring.

If the post isn’t coming back, I guess I’ll re-post it(?).

Anyone else notice missing activity?

Yup. It wasn’t just those two, either. A number of posts from something approaching a 24 hour period are gone.

Also, the domain name was redirecting to for me for the last day or two, which usually indicates a backup server being brought up to bear the load.

Having checked for the purpose of posting in this thread, I can access again, but couldn’t earlier today.

Hello everyone! I apologizes for the confusion. We had to move our servers to a new domain. It’s part of the buy-out I did earlier this year of some of our partners.