We’re getting active enough that it probably makes sense to create some sub-forums. Here are some ideas:
*House Rules (your mods to ACKS)
*Campaign Reports
*Conversions (other game content converted to ACKS)
*Tools & Tech (discussion of web tools)
*Autarch Advice (official rules questions)

New Classes (there’s going to be enough that you’ll want to separate it out, I think)
Domain Rulership Discussion (it is a big part of the game, it should have it’s own section methinks.)

also, let’s just sweep that PbP forum I made under the carpet - I would have loved to do this but there hasn’t been a minute available for me to get to it. Maybe later this year, but that’s a dubious promise.

I like 'em. Should probably add one for New Magic and Items.

I like them, though I’d add a General subforum too for general chatter about Autarch and ACKS (basically anything that doesn’t fit in one of the other subforums). I wouldn’t split the House Rules forum up into smaller subforums just yet, at least until you’ve got some idea as to how popular or not specific sub-topics actually are.

I would put Projects in there, for discussion of ACKS-compatible stuff that isn’t just house rules, like adventures that draw on what makes ACKS special. Stuff people want to develop in public, get feedback, bring to others attention.

Looks good.
Maybe split conversions into:

  • Monsters
  • Classes
  • Spells
    …which also naturally allows original stuff to be mixed in.
    Maybe call “Campaign Reports” “Actual Play”, making it easier to google?
    +1 for General.

By now you’ll all have noticed that I considerably cleaned up the forums.
I ended up deciding that conversions, house rules, and other material should remain in General Discussion for now. I moved all old conversations about ACKS playtests into an archive “Core Rules Playtest” forum, and all rules Q&A into “Ask the Autarchs”. (You’re all Autarchs in my book so keep on answering in there!)