Can we have a technicalities-sub-forum where we can post requests, suggesstions, etc. about the forum/froum-use/etc. such as.

  • Can you please make the quote-funtion working? and
  • Can you please incorporate an edit-post button?

Thank You. Keep up the good work!

I don't have Magical Engineering so I can't address these problems myself, but I'll make sure the Mages at Autarch see this and can correct the problems.


I see an edit post button, but I can use it to edit other people's posts (although I'd never do so) so it must be an admin thing.

I think the two replies above indicate that “General” is the technicalities forum.

With that in mind, here are some bug reports:

  1. Most people here don't have an avatar image, so it usually isn't noticed, but: whatever size the avatar image is when you upload it, is the size next to your posts, and it can quite easily take over the whole page (trespassing over the text). Note that this one could be reduced in severity with a bit of CSS: ".author-pane { overflow: hidden; }".
  2. The forum search sometimes breaks. An example. Perhaps the lack of an author is the problem?
  3. The text formatting for posts: I stick to "Filtered HTML" preview seems to work correctly with it. "Markdown lite" may work perfectly for all I know, but since I can't preview it (and since preview has often revealed problems in my posts), I can't use it.
  4. Also note that "More information about text formats" leads to another broken page which appears to have no author.
  5. As Beastman mentioned, the quote button doesn't work. It should probably either be fixed (perhaps using <blockquote> instead of [quote=]) or removed.

I probably should have posted those sooner, but I’ve always been in the middle of something else, and not willing to dig in and do a proper bug report. The above kind of fails as a bug report, too, but if I keep putting it off, I’ll just keep putting it off.

That's very helpful, thanks guys!

Thomas Weigel wrote: 2. The forum search sometimes breaks. An example. Perhaps the lack of an author is the problem?

I believe I’ve identified one of the specific threads that keeps breaking the forum search: note that it breaks the forum thread display as well, and in exactly the same way:

Perhaps knowing the specific thread to look for in the database may help?

This has become particularly vexing because the core rules playtest forum’s first page now has the same problem: