Free/cheap basic set?

Question for the Autarchs - any plans to do a free/cheap basic set at some point? The only reason I ask is because I have been telling my friends about how awesome ACKS is and the ones on the fence about whether they want another D&D variant want to see some sample rules. Right now my choices are share the PDF I got with my hardcover purchase, or just direct them to your website where they have to decide whether to spend $9.99 or not.

We have plans to make ACKS available as a free SRD here at the Autarch site, but they haven’t come to fruition yet!
In the meantime, Alex’s developer posts seem to convince many people who are on the fence.

SRD? That’s more than I hoped for! Sweet.

Help!! Hopefully Tavis or Alex catches this… apparently I can post replies to existing topics, but can’t post new topics to any of the forums.

Veilheim, hopefully your forum problems are by now resolved.

Irda, the intent is to have a Wiki-style SRD where we can list the game rules along with a Talk page for each mechanic where we can answer questions and offer designer’s notes.