Frequency of intelligence gathering

After reading the rules for recon rolls, I’m still uncertain exactly how often they need to be made. The weekly sequence given on page 53 indicates that, at the end of moving, each army makes a recon roll against all other hostile armies in range, and then all other armies in range make a roll back against it.

Two things I’m uncertain about:

  1. If the movement system switches to day granularity, instead of weekly movement, does the recon roll procedure still only occur once per week, or does it switch to being made once per day?

My inclination is to say “keep recon rolls once per week”, since it feels artificial to suddenly get seven times as much intelligence just because the granularity has changed. But taken literally, that’s what the turn sequence seems to imply.

  1. Does each army effectively get two rolls, once when it moves and then again when the other army moves, against the same army in the same week? Or does the fact that the roll has already happened that week preclude the need to make it again?

If you make two rolls in the same week and the first one is a Catastrophe, would the second roll keep giving the faulty intelligence of the first roll no matter what, or would it potentially replace the misinformation?

  1. It switches to once per day against whatever force has caused your army to switch to daily movement.
  2. Each army gets two rolls, once when it moves and once when the other army moves. The rolls are separate. Since the player character doesn’t know if a roll is a catastrophe or a success, it is left to the PC to determine how to interpret the conflicting information he receives.

As always, thanks for the quick response.