Game Salute, Dwimmermount Kickstarter Coupons

Hi there,

I’m just about to be involved in a new game with some folks who have never played ACKS before and I was looking using some of my coupons from the Dwimmermount kickstarter to buy them the pdf of the rules and/or players companion.

Unfortunately, when I got to the Game Salute page (via the link in my Coupon email) I got a 404 error and a notice that they’ve retired their online shop.

How do I redeem the coupons and share the love that is ACKS with new players?

Hello James! Thanks for helping promote our games.

The bad news is that GameSalute and Autarch have parted ways.

The good news is that if you email us at with your Kickstarter username, I will be happy to issue you coupons for PDFs via DTRPG!