Gamer Preferences?

I figured we should get a thread going for people to list what their preferences would be for a play-by-post game. Though it’d be cool to chime in about just about anything, Ryan’s post on the main forum asked the following, which is where things should probably start off:
[strong]“What kind of game would any of you be interested in? Low-, Mid-, High-Level? I’m keen to try out the Auran Empire setting…”[/strong]
I, personally, am a fan of low-level play. However, given it’s ACKS, technically speaking, starting at mid- or high-level doesn’t mean we can’t drop down to our adventurers/conquerors/etc…

Anything for me. I’m also fond of low-level dungeon crawling, but I’m really curious to see how the higher levels play.

I would prefer a mid level game but to be honest I’ll play what ever is on offer.

Anything here as well.

I’d like a low level game myself, but I have no objections to starting higher.

This sounds nifty. I’d be up for any level of play just to get a better understanding of the system.

I’d been in for whatever level, but really like to start low and build from there