Gen Con

Now that the convention is only a week away, I was wondering if your plans had been set yet? Any ACKS games planned as off grid?

I’m going to be there! I don’t have anything planned but I’d love to play. Last year Tavis hosted some pretty fun after-hours games.

I am not going to be able to make it this year after all, alas. However we will have some ACKS stuff available at the OSR Publications booth, #2033, including a softcover printing of ACKS Core that’s a Gen Con exclusive; the Player’s Companion; the vinyl outdoor map from Dwimmermount and Domains at War; and the Dwimmermount illustration book.

But I’m supposed to buy the Autarchs a round of beer to show no hard feelings after the peak of the stressing out over Dwimmermount. You’re the only one I have real world contact info for.

Even though Dwimmermount itself won’t be available at GenCon, will we be able to pick up our other rewards you mentioned above, or are they for sale only?

That’s too bad. I was hoping to possibly get in one of those after hours games this year. I guess I’ll get to sleep instead.

I will look forward to that beer all the more next Gen Con! I’m sad to miss it for now, though.

Yes, the illustration book and vinyl maps will be there for backers to pick up.

How would we identify ourselves as legitimate backers, and not some random person looking to abscond with some free loot?

I blogged about my GenCon 2013 experiences here:

Please share or link to your experiences. Thanks!