GenCon 2016

Just a few quick queries RE: GenCon this year -


1 -Anyone going to GenCon in any capacity, official or otherwise?

2 - Any outlook on Lairs and Encounters prior to GenCon? I missed the KS but got in on the indiegogo, but I haven't heard much.




1. I'll be there!

2. I've just completed the book yesterday. It's now being edited. I don't know if we'll have it ready for GenCon but I sure hope so!


Sweet! Hope to see you there. Are you in a booth or just there as a civilian?

And thanks for the update on L&E.

I'll be at Gen Con, I'll have a booth in Authors' Avenue where I'll be selling my book. Stop by and say hi, the booth will have 'Missing Pieces' banners around it. If anyone wants to create characters or play, I'm up for that too :)