Is it too early to talk about what kind of ACKS stuff might be happening at Gencon?
I’m thinking of putting together a short adventure and running an ACKS game, but I’ll have my 10-year old with me this year, so I’ll probably be more focused on getting into games (with him) rather than just DMing the whole time.
Tavis or Alex, have you guys started thinking about Autarch at Gencon this year yet?

Game submission has already started for Gencon (I’ve got mine in!), so it doesn’t seem too early to me. I’d love to squeeze some ACKS into my schedule!

Beedo, I’ll have my 10 year old at Gen Con as well. We should talk about getting together with some other families to rent a house with a pool!
It would be sweet to do another version of last year’s continuous demo, especially if kids were dropping in and out between running around the yard beating each other with foam.
The plan for Gen Con is centered around the three Adventurer-to-King events we’re writing for Gary Con based around a Keep on the Auran Borderlands whose ruler is facing the same challenges as the Castellan that Gygax wrote about - being only sixth level and in possession of a stronghold worth 393,000 gp. The arrival of the PCs precipitates this unstable situation and we go from there!