Getting back into ACKS

So I played around with ACKS a bit when it came out. Quite liked it and am now working on getting my group to give it a try. I’m rereading the parts of the books I’ve grown foggy on and can’t remember something. Are ability bonuses (-3 to +3) added to proficiency throws? For example, is the Dex bonus added to Open Locks check? Or is the Int bonus applied to a mapping proficiency throw? Thanks!

No, but for thief skills it’s a semi-common house rule.

As staticspunk said, no. However, it’s assumed that there are still modifiers to the roll, as in several of the skill descriptions, they mention that the Judge may modify the chance of success according to the difficulty of the task. So for example, a very simple lock might grant the thief a +2 bonus, whereas an expertly crafted lock might impose a -2 penalty.