Golem Special Abilities

While statting up a ruby golem, I noticed something odd about the special abilities possessed by golems. (Specifically golems; amber, bone, bronze, and wood, not animated statues).

They’re all immune to nonmagical weapons. They also have the standard golem immunities (charm, sleep, hold, poison, gas). And then they all have other special abilities as well. (Recreating a bone golem with the construct rules would be, in addition to the “normal golem” abilities, would be an additional three special abilities).

Despite all of this, all four of them have only one *.

I checked the errata and found no comment. I also didn’t find anything on the forums. Is there something major I’m missing, or do they all have the wrong number of special abilities and XP value? (By my count, the amber golem should have three *'s, the bone golem five *'s although I could buy an argument reducing it to 3 or 4 based on diminishing returns, the bronze golem three *'s, and the wood golem is correct at one *.)

B/X is terribly inconsistent with applying *.