good mid level (7-9) dungeons?

I am running my second acks campaing, and this time my new players are more into dungeons. And i cant find good old school modules/dungeons for mid levels. any sugestions? favorites? ideas?

i've got a game with players close to this level as well so this is relevant to my interests.

Jaquay's Dark Tower. One of my favorite dungeons.

My main suggestion is to take dungeons you like and scale them up or down a bit as needed if you feel comfortable with that. The main thing to keep in mind relative to B/X modules is ACKS cleaving. If you're looking at AD&D modules consider options in the 6-8 range or lower, and for DCC modules I'd suggest levels 4-6 might work as a baseline.

You'd have to scale it up a bit, but I'm very taken with The God Seed Awakens. (DCC)

I've never run either, but a lot of folks on dragonsfoot seem to have a high opinion of X4 Master of the Desert Nomads and X5 Temple of Death. (Expert)

In a similar desert-y mode, I only played through a The Fantasy Trip conversion of it in the mid-80s, but we had a blast in I5 Lost Tomb of Martek. (AD&D).