Google Sheets character sheet

I really wanted a more simplified and easy to edit character sheet. One where I could add rows or colums depending on what i needed (like if i stocked up on a bunch of different equipment and needed space to write it all down.)

So i decided to make one in google docs. Its based on Korean Kodiak's sheet, but I moved some stuff around and added some features (like a currency converter and lvl up bar that moves based on how much experience you have.)

Let me know what you guys think, what i should add, what needs tweaking, etc. 

Hope you all like it :D

Note: to use it you have to save a copy to your own drive and then you will be able to type in all the fields.


Edit: another note, google sheets like to auto format "+2" to "2" since it counts it as a formula. All you have to do is put a single quote   '   before the plus sign. I will continue to look for a way to fix this though.

Edit 2: Also i did have equipment weight totaling up automagically, but no matter what you do fucking google sheets treats fractions like 1/6 as a date. And if you set it to plain text, it does not treat it as a date but then you can not use it in formulas.... fuck google docs (on that part at least, the rest is pretty great)

You should be able to fix most of those formatting problems by explicitly setting formats on cells (Format->Number); the custom format "+0; -0; +0" will automatically add a + in front of positive numbers.

Looks good!

Holy shit you are a genius!!! Thank you!!!

any idea on how to get it to keep fractions displayed as fractions, but still be able to use them in formulas?

Apart from some really gnarly equations to disassemble and reassemble text-as-a-number, I don't think there's a way to display numbers as fractions in Google Sheets, unfortunately.

I like these but the Hirelings don’t have enough room I don’t think. Where do you put their attributes or spells?

I have been using this a lot and have made a bunch of changes. Hope you guys like it :D

Here is my current character:
and here is a clean sheet:
If you want to use this just go to "File->Make a copy"


  • Encumbrence auto calculates based on items, magic items, misc items, and Currency
    • For items that are weighed in 6ths enter the weight as "=1/6". If you enter it as "1/6" google sheets will think it is a date and it will not work.
  • Movement speed is now auto caluclated based on encumbrence
  • Throwing saves vs magic are now auto calculated based on the base saving throws and your wisdom modifier
  • Attribute modifiers are automatically calculated
  • AC is automatically calculated
  • XP needed to lvl up is calculated and your progress is shown in a bar graph
    • Just enter in current XP, next lvl XP, and last lvl XP
  • Henchmen/mercenaries
    • You will notice there is not a spot on the sheet for henchmen. Instead, just duplicate the main sheet/tab and fill it in as neccesary for your henchmen.
  • Spells
    • I am not a spell caster so I admit that i have not really made anything for that yet, but my plan was/is to just make a second sheet/tab and organize that as a spell list that would have description, requirements, range, etc.


I would love to hear what you guys think so feel free to leave comments/criticism down below.

Also if you run into any issues please let me know and I will help you out the best i can.

this looks really great! i've passed it on to my group and hopefully we'll give it a try when we start playing again.