Got it.

Got the Hardback today. Looks great. Really looking forward to sitting down and giving this thing a proper read!

One thing though, you might want to have a chat with the shippers. Mine came in a fairly decent cardboard box but inside there was only a handfull of green packing peanuts, not enough to offer much protection and the top right corner of the cover got pretty smashed in.

Green packing peanuts? Luxury. What I would’ve given for green packing peanuts. There was nowt in my box (which arrived today) but the hardback itself. It bounced around freely in the box all the way from the US to Australia and then Tasmania. And yep, sustained some corner damage as a result. Not the ACKS team’s fault I know, but disappointing nonetheless.

grrr. I received a notification from customs office on saturday to pick up the book at their office. I had to strugge to find a suitable date: their “service houts are from 8:00 to 11:00 and 13:00 to 15:00”, the exact times i have to work and do not have my breaks grrrr. so i managed to arrive at 8:00 and there already were two dozend people waiting to receive their packages. Long story short i was 45 minutes late for work…and now, the book is lying in my car waiting to be read in the evening. This will be a looong work day…

Mine showed up today! Also in an otherwise empty box. Only very slight corner damage. Can’t wait to start really digging into this thing. Thanks!

Glad to hear you guys have gotten your copies and sorry to hear about the damage. I'll send a note to our distrbutor to be more careful packing in the future.


I just received mine. My copy came in a size appropriate box filled with peanuts, and there has been thus no damage to any of the corners. I was expecting to come damaged, so this has been a pleasant surprise.

Mine was full of peanuts, so was undamaged. The book is beautiful and I am very happy with the paper choice. I love my Dying Earth game, but that glossy paper is so friggin’ irritating.

I’m looking forward to converting our B/X sandbox game when we recommence in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I have something cool to flip through after my surgery!

The only downside to my order: $10 shipping for a randomly timed trip through the USPS. For $10 I expect that sucker to be at my house within a couple of days, not a week later.

Mine arrived this morning. There’s a little picture post on my blog about it:

Thanks for the pictures and kind words on your blog, James. Hope you have fun reading ACKS and will get to play soon. Sorry to hear about your surgery. What better way to escape than to read ACKS!


We are very sorry to hear about the damage to these packages. We are shipping out replacements for those damages right away. Anyone with issues with their order or shipment, please email or call our toll-free number at 1-800-459-5516 and we’ll get that taken care of right away.

Thanks for your support!

Mine came today - very happy with it :slight_smile:

Mine arrived last Thursday with a modest amount of packing peanuts (which did not taste that great, btw) and no damage to the book itself. So far, I am very impressed - simple, well thought-out and very complete. Excellent work, gentlemen.

Mine arrived in Melbourne last Friday, dinged up a bit despite the nominal presence of a few peanuts.

I got mine last week, and there were literally like 15 packing peanuts in there. I was pleased to see that my corners were undamaged, but then I saw the ding in the edge of the back cover. I’ll get over it, though.

Mine arrived today in the UK. :slight_smile: About a dozen packing peanuts, but thankfully no damage whatsoever.

Good O. It might appear in the shops next week then.