GP threshold chart does not match example text

The example for Mercantile income using a 7th level character as an example states that his gp threshold is 3,000 gp, but the actual chart indicates that the threshold is 2,500 gp. Which is correct?

Any ETA on a clarification?

So, Alex, the designer of the game, keeps up with this forum pretty regularly, but not every day. When he does finally get on, he tends to respond to almost every thread with a question.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that the chart is correct, since what often happens with errors like this is that the highly visible tables get updated immediately when numbers get tweaked, while examples can sometimes be glossed over. You probably won’t have to wait long for Alex to chime in, though.

The GP Threshold for level 7 is 2,500gp, as per the table.

I regret that the example added to the confusion rather than clarified the mechanic.

Thanks for the clarification!