Grab-bag of notes from first pass

New Character Classes:

  • Saving Throws and Attack Throws: explanations such as “They advance in attack throws and saving throws by two points every four levels of experience.” are a bit hard to decode. Saying “They use the Cleric attack and saving throw progression – advancing by two points for every four levels of experience.” would make the text easier to use and follow.
  • Dwarven Machinist: Can they – if they get the funds – start making automatons at level 1? What are the buying and selling rules for automatons? (Prices, buyers, availability.)
  • Dwarven Spelunker: “draft complicated layouts or map an area by memory”. Presumably meaning that parties with spelunker’s get their maps corrected or drawn by the Judge? A guideline on how to handle this if mapping is supposed to be done in old-school fashion would be nice: it’s easy to just prohibit the Mapping proficiency, but what would be an appropriate replacement for the spelunker ability? (Otherwise I totally love the spelunker, so I would be loathe to forbid it even for a “you draw what you think is right” crawl.)
  • Alter Self: Can this spell be used to alter your appearance to duplicate a specific individual?
  • While I can see you don’t want to repeat items in every book, an online spreadsheet containing published items, prices, and page references to descriptions would be awesome.
  • Same thing for spells and proficiencies.

UPDATE: If used in conjunction with a successful Disguise proficiency throw, alter self can allow the caster to appear as a specific individual.