Greyhawk Shadow Elves or Drow

So I'm looking at resurrecting my old Greyhawk campaign and converting it over to ACKS. Not that there's much to convert since it's all setting. But when I originally ran it it was 1st/2nd mashup. I'm going to keep some of the major things that happened during the game and roll back the date to 576 CY using the Greyhawk folio. So it will be a reboot and refitting game elements to fit ACKS. One of the things I'm trying to decide on is Drow and whether to keep them and modifiy them to fit ACKS or use Shadow elves from a mystara suppliment. I enjoyed drow as enemies back in the day but now they seem over done so I'm not sure if I'll keep them as a setting element. My question is for anyone here have you used drow at all in your ACKS games and if so what elements did you keep, change or discard? There's really no magic resistance to speak of in ACKS so did you keep that or just discard it? Do you just run drow and your basic elf classes but just give them the drow appearance.


I think part of  the answer is going to depend on whether or not your drow/shadow elves will strictly be "monsters", or if you foresee them being an option for the players to play as. If they're going tombs strictly monsters then I say build them as such to taste. If you want to consider them as a playable race might I suggest that you could reeking the Zaharan classes from the Player's Companon. I would not stress too much over recreating an exact duplicate of the drow/shadow elves, but instead focus on creating an malevolent mirror of what would otherwise be considered a good/civilized race.