half elfs

I just got the pdf and I like it so much that contributed to the kick starter for the companion and Havre decoded to convert my Castles and Crusades campaign.
Knew of my players has a half elf thief . As half elves don’t appear in the game how do people suggest I handle the conversion.
Should I build a custom class, tell the player that he has human thief stats with perhaps the elven blood line proficiency our tell him to be a night blade? I know its my game and I can do what I want to but I am interested in hearing other peoples opinion a

i would simply let him choose to either use a human class or an elven class. thats it. treat him as human or elf.

Human thief, elven bloodline is my suggestion

Seconded on the elven bloodline option, though it wouldn’t be hard to put together a thiefly, non-casting elf class either!

I’d go with human Thief class with elven bloodline.

//I’d go with human Thief class with elven bloodline.//
This is what I was going to say.

Funny, I was just thinking about this issue. I noticed that the elven bloodline proficiency is exclusive to the bard class. As a house-rule, I would make it a general proficiency.

It’s also available to mages - bards and mages. But, sure, if you want half-elves to be more common, make it general.