Halfings in the ACKS 1E PDF ?!?

Well maybe not … but they are mentioned on page 17 under intelligence as one of the demi-human languages available. Is that a remnant of some old text that got left behind?

If I recall correctly, they are listed in the monsters section… so while they may not be a playable race at this point, they still exist and can be spoken to with their harsh and guttural language. :wink:

Haha, ok. I hadn’t noticed them in the monster section. Which is where they belong. Dirty little things, small hands and they smell like cabbage.

Ah, Oppression of the Halfling. There are few finer things in life! :smiley:

It’s funny to read all the halfling angst as I feel the same way about gnomes and for years have forbidden them in my games…a tradition that will continue with this rules set as well. :wink:

All the halfling hate! Unwarranted!! Save it for the gnome!

To be fair, I hate them both equally. However, a patron deity-level backer asked for gnomes, so there it is.

I am Orion and I endorse prongbuck’s message.

Hah, I just noticed the art on page 175 of the core rules, awesome.