Halfling Burglar

I’m trying to come up with level titles for levels 1-7 of a Halfling Burglar. Level 8+ is Burglar. If anyone has any ideas, I’d appreciate them!

I’ve come up with names like urchin and vagabond, but I’m not really happy with what I have so far. And I don’t just want to repeat the Thief list.

Here are my notes on level values for Halflings, as well as notes for my Burglar class:

4 Halfling + Thief 4 1,100
3 Halfling + Thief 3 900
2 Halfling + Thief 2 700 XP
1 Halfling + Thief 1 500 XP
0 Halfling 300 XP

Halfling 0: AC bonus vs. large or larger (level 1, 7 and 13), Accuracy, Difficult to Spot, Hardy People, Initiative, Speak Halfling and 1 other language

Cannot use large weapons and must use medium weapons two-handed, without a shield.

Halfling Burglar HD 0, Ftr 1b 500 XP, Halfling 3 900XP = 1,400 XP Level 13
+10,000 per level after 8th
(Hit Die D4, fight as a thief)
All abilities as a thief

Eavesdropper should be one of the levels (“I ain’t been droppin’ no eaves, sir, honest”)

I’d lean towards more friendly-sounding thievery titles. Things that perhaps imply you’re more likely to swipe a pie from a windowsill than shank someone, or that it was more of an accidental, “Oh, was that yours?” sort of thing.

The sort of thing that makes their quests in LOTRO so friggin’ annoying. Things that make old ladies’ tongues wag.

Misappropriation, as it were. (Appropriator?)

Borrower? Acquirer? Obtainer? Procurer? Collector?

Finagler? Wrangler/Wangler?

Cluefinder, Riddler, Luckwearer, to get Tolkieny.

Great advice! Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be using some of these titles.